Instructions for Determining Password of Your Account

To generate your default password, follow these steps:
  1. Join the surname with the first two letters of your first name.
  2. Then reverse the entire string to get your default password.
  3. As an example, assuming a student's name is Adeoye Balarabe CHUKWU
  4. The surname is CHUKWU while the first name is ADEOYE.
  5. PassCode: CHUKWUAD. The password is the reverse of PassCode: dauwkuhc.

Instruction for Only Fresh Students

Follow these steps to pay your school fees and obtain a matriculation number:
  1. Pay Acceptance Fee (at Bank)
  2. Download the Health Form to be filled and submitted at the Health Centre
  3. Download Admission Clearance Form and present to School Officer after screening
  4. Pay your School Fees and proceed to Bursary Unit of the College for Payment Clearance
  5. Submit the clearance to MIS office for matric number to be allocated. Allow 2 working days for authentication and verification
  6. Check Fresh Student Accounts to receive your Matric Number
  7. You can now Login and Register as a Student

Instruction for All Students

To generate your default password, follow these steps:
  1. Login using your Matricultion Number and Password
  2. Change your Password
  3. Complete the Personal Detail Form
  4. Upload your Passport Photograph
  5. Fill the Ordinary Levels Results
  6. Complete Course Registration
  7. Download the Registration Form and present three(3) printed copies for signature at your Department and School
  8. Submit the signed Registration Forms to your Head of Department, your School Officer and MIS Unit
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